Do not underestimate your own body capability to heal itself! 

Unless you will be regretted for the rest of your life.....


Juan Martin del Potro has been wasting his really big talent just because of injury which is just so easy for me to deal with.

What a pity!   I am a big fan of him, really!

Just click here to see that I can do for something even much more serious.


End of 2016 season

And Roger Federer did not need to take so long time to recover if he knew the real impact of massage therapy

Just click here and click this to see how to handle an such injury

You make your own destiny...


The latest case: 

Massage for a stroke patient!

Everyone can get it someday, 

and your life will be upside down! 

Click here and click this to see videos and 

learn how I did an effective massage.

Her left hand began to active 

again within 2 weeks!


I have done everything, except rising dead body

I really do not understand why people not coming to me

I'll thank someone who can help me to live in Europe or USA or Canada or Australia

I am a big useless living here in Indonesia

Click the picture above for watching my video about bed sore or pressure ulcer or decubitus ulcer was healed easily with massage therapy! People may say that it was just pressure ulcer grade 2 or even grade 1. But I say, if we cannot heal this grade 2 or 1 easily, what can we hope? In fact, it is not easy for patients to recover from pressure ulcer grade 2 or 1, and in many cases it develops into grade 4 eventually.

Would you suffer the same?

Indonesian proverb: Only donkeys slip into the same hole twice. But for health issues, I am not sure that human being is smarter than a donkey. In fact, we often rely on therapies which have been obviously proven not effective, and even dangerous for long term. I have an experience handling a severe wound at shinbone area of diabetic patient, and it was healed in just 1 month.   

If we cannot overcome this kind of problem easily, how come we hope to overcome other disease such as cancer promisingly? Big impossible!!!  

I know that I cannot handle all kinds of health problems with massage therapy. But I know that in many cases massage therapy is much more effective than other efforts. 


Launched on Youtube on September 22, 2015. Massage therapy for Brain Stem Stroke / Locked-in Syndrome.    For watching please   click here! (Part 1)     Part 2     Part 3    Part 4    Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8      Part 9 (He did not need feeding tube anymore.)     Part 10     Part 11    (I was very disappointed to find a big problem. The big problem was his family refused to accept my suggestion. My suggestion was so simple: giving him much animal protein every day, because he really needed it to speed up the recovery process. You can see no progress at all on his body shape so far. His family was worried about he would get recurrent stroke, although I convinced them that it would never be happen during massage therapy still going on. If I had another patient with Locked-in syndrome, I would had been quit giving him massage therapy. I couldn't stand to face another big human stupidity, really. I am typically fast result therapist. For me, it was just wasting time and energy. Very frustrating!)     Part 12      Part 13    

I already did my best, but his family had made his destiny.

I know that millions people out there are suffering strokes, and helpless. And many more are just waiting for their turn to suffer it someday. I just want to try to offer my way to help people who want to open their minds for the truth.

Launched on Youtube!  Massage therapy for a patient who had been suffering stroke for more than 4 years! For watching please   click here! (Part 1)     Part 2      (This patient might consider me failed to heal him. But you can watch videos part 1 and 2 completely to make a fair judgment. I made just 2 sessions of massage therapy for him, and in some occasions I was given just 1 session and they considered me failed. It is the fact. What I can say? I know that massage is a magic, but unfortunately I am not a magician. Very disappointing for me.)

Only high quality massage can ensure you to not getting fatal accident caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems (stroke, heart attack, etc.) someday. But who cares about it? Yes, I know that I am just a massage therapist, and it is just a marginal profession for most of people which may be underestimated. 

But I say, stupid people eventually punished by their stupidities, regardless they admit it or not. Above all, I mindfully know that changing people's mindsets is almost impossible.

Click the picture above for watching the video

Massage therapy for a patient (woman 64-year-old) of metastatic cancer (she had undergone cervical cancer surgery in 2009). Results after 2 weeks of massage therapy which I conducted almost everyday: she lost 20kg of body weight which mainly was excessive body fluid which making difficulty in breathing, her hair began to grow fast, she didn't need oxygen tubes anymore, she was able to walk much better, she could sleep in flexible positions (before, in some specific positions she couldn't breathe because of too much fluid was inside her lungs). 

And her tumor marker  CA 125  from about 400 points dropped to just about 100 points. I knew because she by herself told me about it. Healthy one has value not more than 35 points.

And when she tended to get massage therapy just 2 and even 1 time in a week, I decided to quit in the end of January 2015, because I knew it would not be effective regarding the side effects of other sorts of therapies she still underwent. In the first week I made 6 massage sessions, in the second week there were 5 sessions, in the third week there were 4 sessions, in the fourth week there were just 3 sessions, in the fifth week there were just 2 sessions. I began to make massage therapy for her on December 27, 2014, so I handled her for just about 1 month. I felt that I got no respect at all for what I had totally done. I made the massage therapy when she was obviously in very dangerous stage and she was mentally devastated because she knew that her cancer had spread to all her vital organs.

Acute respiratory failure was a real threat for her!!! 

Yes, she (and might be her families altogether) did not acknowledge that my massage therapy had made significant progress on her, but her other sorts of therapies which she had undergone for about 6 years (some therapies were done in overseas) and still went on aside my massage therapy. 

Yes, she told me that other sorts of therapists   shamelessly  claimed the progress of her condition, and she tended to believe it, might be just because they were all well educated persons, although in fact she got much better significantly after getting my massage therapy.  

I heard that she was brought into Intensive Care Unit in May 2015, in coma, but I was not interested to know much about it and neither about the result. 

The real big ignorance!!!

If she had been much better before with those sorts of therapies, how come they asked me to give her massage therapy? I have stated that massage therapy in fact is not a main choice for most of people, and even it is too far away from their minds.


Massage therapy for HIV/AIDS sufferer. Click the picture above for watching the video.

Massage therapy for a patient of Tuberculous arthritis. Terrible painful!!! Click the picture above for watching the video.    Part 2

Massage therapy for total leg injury (click the picture above for watching the video).

Massage therapy for knee injury (click the picture above for watching the video).

Massage therapy for chronic knee pain caused by osteoarthritis (click the picture above for watching the video). For this kind of case it takes not more than 3 times of massage session, and it will be completely recover in just 2 weeks.

Comprehensive massage therapy for body slimming and reshaping program, reducing face dark or black spots (click picture above for watching video)

For skeptic people out there, it is much better if you take someone with terminal illness to me. Even I am not afraid of touching and massaging AIDS sufferer with bare hands, because I believe and I have proven that human body has ability to 'neutralize' HIV. For me, the most dangerous and difficult illness to deal with is human stupidity. Albert Einstein said, only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former. It is so weird if in fact an illness such as Pneumonia can kill so many people. 

Yes, stupidity really will kill you!!!

 I am very pleased if you make documentations of my massage therapy sessions from the beginning and share it publicly to the whole of the world. It will just show that I am not a big liar like many people you have met before. Yes, I know this world is fulfilled with many shameless big liars, that's why many people still live in suffering and pain and helpless, because these people rely on their lives in hands of shameless big liars. And these shameless big liars proudly get so much money by cheating other people, and their victims will never realize it until they die. And those idiots out there may comment: Hi dude, you are just a jealous shit! I have been watching so many videos on Youtube, and I can say that many people who claimed themselves as massage therapists actually are just IDIOTS and SHAMELESS, so that many people couldn't get the real benefits of massage. Even many of them use too much styles which is actually big useless (waving hands as if they could catch energy of the universe, etc.), and possibly risk their clients (cracking neck can ended up with stroke, etc.). Ironically, so many people still adore those idiots. Yes, only idiots adore the other ones! But if you are actually just a real stupid chicken (and I know that you will never admit it honestly), you will never give me a challenge, and you just can blame me without any evidence to support your right for blaming. I tell the truth which I am always ready to prove it over and over at anytime! Only stupid people consider me cocky if I tell the truth honestly! And only stupid people ignore the truth! Yes, I know that many people who claimed themselves as critical people actually are just stupid chickens, and too idiot to accept the truth, and they are just waiting for their punishment! No doubt at all that the punishment related to health issues is so real! 

Johanes Lung 

The real best massage therapist in the world 

Located in Jakarta - Indonesia


SMS / Whatsapp:  +628128557059  /  08128557059 (local phone) 

Open your mind, see the truth, and then feel the magic of massage 

Right! He didn't have to die if he had gotten the real benefits of massage. But who really cares about it?

Manny Pacquiao fought with injured shoulder, was denied shot in locker room news services. His excuse might be true. But for me, it just shows that so many people underestimate the real benefits of high quality massage. It just shows that even a big sportsman doesn't know what he really needs to support his career. Exhausted in the final rounds, I am sure that he didn't get enough good sleep in the nights before the fight.  If I were in Pacman team, it didn't need to happen. 

Dave Goldberg, husband of Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg, dies suddenly

BMW CEO Harald Krueger collapses on stage at Frankfurt Motor Show

Sheik Rashid, son of Dubai’s ruler, dies of a heart attack at 33

United flight diverted after co-pilot passes out

Passenger crash-lands plane in Spain after pilot collapses

Air NZ pilot collapses after landing Dreamliner

Teenager takes over controls of plane after pilot collapses during flight over rural Australia

I do not know them all, neither about their habits and lifestyles. But I dare to bet you about one thing, that they all did not get high quality massage regularly. But who cares?




GOD has obviously shown that human being really needs human touch! Human touch is actually a part of human instincts which GOD has created inside every human being. Massage is basically based on human touch. Massage therapist should know how to use this human touch to deliver good massage which in turn will benefit human body. And GOD is never wrong, if you are lucky enough to get a real good massage therapist, massage session will be enjoyable.  

How come you ignore the benefits of massage for your life?

The real big tragedy! Even many experts hold misleading mindset about massage. Read this article mindfully!

Do You Know When It's Not a Good Idea to Get a Massage?

By Tracy Litsey
You can read the similar article: 

Most people are great candidates for the relaxation and health benefits of massage therapy. However, there are times when a massage may not be the right choice. Certain conditions contraindicate massage, either because of the risk it may pose to the client or the risk to the therapist.


For example, if a client has a cold, flu or other contagious viral or bacterial infection, the therapist may choose not to work with them because they don't want to catch a cold and risk passing the infection to other clients.

"When a client has a cold or flu, a massage might seem comforting," said Patricia Coe, DC, ND, clinic supervisor for National University of Health Science's massage therapy program. "However, when someone has an infection, their body is already working hard to fight it and recover. A massage can be very stimulating internally and place certain demands on the body during a time when your client should be simply resting."

Since massage is based on skin-to-skin touch, massage may also be contraindicated if the client has a rash or infectious skin condition. If the skin condition is infectious, it could spread to the therapist and, in turn, to other clients. Even if a skin condition is not contagious, massage can make some skin irritations even worse.


Another occasion when a massage should be postponed is if the client is intoxicated. Many folks seek out massage while on vacation or under stress. They may have also had a few cocktails to relax as well. "Intoxication is a risk during massage," said Dr. Coe, "primarily because it desensitizes the client. This makes it hard for the client to give reliable feedback. A massage therapist needs to know what level of pressure is comfortable and what is too much. With intoxication, those sensations are unreliable."

Medical Conditions

"Certain medical conditions may contraindicate specific types of massage. For example, if someone has heart or kidney failure, circulatory massage may place excess demands on already failing organs," said Dr. Coe. "An acute injury is also likely to be a contraindication to massage. Although it may seem like a great idea to get a massage immediately after straining a muscle, if there is damage to the area, massage may actually interfere with the healing process."

Finally, massage may not be advised, or may need to be modified, if a client is currently on certain medications, such as:

"A good therapist will guide the discussion on the client's health issues in order to determine the right technique and whether or not a massage is contraindicated [for] that client on that day," said Dr. Coe. "A massage therapist should not be afraid to ask for a note or consultation with the client's physician when concerned about how a massage will affect their health condition."

"The healing benefits of massage therapy are many, and it is fairly rare to encounter situations where massage is contraindicated for very long," according to Dr. Coe. "But it is important to understand potential issues, and talk with clients prior to their session to rule out any concern."

 To see videos of my experiences, click here

All videos are real my experiences. I do not need to make by design video just to show you my skills.

I am very sad to see the reality, at the moment most common people still think that massage is just for relaxation, and even  many others still consider it just a way to get sexual enjoyment, on the other hand many people who claimed themselves as experts of this profession still hold misleading mindset about massage.  I can prove that article above contains many mistakes, and furthermore  misleading. It is an irony, how come experts who have responsibility in creating massage therapists at a university in such a big country hold misleading mindset about massage. It is no use debating experts such as these.  

I just want to say, if you have met many experts and hoping to get real solutions for your problems, and proven that you got nothing, you are a real big stupid if still believe their opinions and suggestions! 

Just take a moment to remember what your  beloved ones who had passed away got and experienced. Am I a big liar?

Oh my God, how come this world is fulfilled with stupid and misleading experts?






These pictures show all people do the same reaction: human touch! They do it instinctively regardless of advices from experts, no matter what really causing the problems. It just indicates that human body really needs human touch to solve its health problems. According to my experiences, as long as patient's body is possible to be given massage treatment, and it is done with correct and proper way, it never fails to benefit them. That is why I can tell you that I have never been failed in handling all my patients. Massage is proven the best way to stimulate self-healing-ability inside human body  to work optimally, and GOD has created this self-healing-ability inside every human being. Without self-healing-ability, human being would had been extinct since many thousands years ago. Did you know that bacteria, viruses, fungi and many pathogenic organisms have been exist since the universe created? 

Many restrictions from experts about massage just indicate that they really don't fully understand about massage, less-skilled, less-experienced,  and furthermore comparing to me is less-talented (Thank The Lord Jesus for this amazing talent, I have never asked it but given). Based on my experiences, I can say that massage is the real way of GOD to help human being.

How come you ignore the benefits of massage for your life?  



She didn't have to die if she had gotten the benefits of my massage treatment. I knew that she had a big spirit to recover from addiction. Unfortunately, she did not get anybody who really could support her to fully recover.

I tell the truth that millions people out there are facing the same situation, having a big spirit to fully recover, but nobody really can help them to achieve it. And it might be your beloved one. Your body actually possesses ability to fully recover from addiction, and you just need to stimulate this ability with correct and proper way, and an effective massage will take its role. 

But who cares?



If he had gotten the benefits of my massage treatment from the beginning, something different would had been happened.

I tell the truth that everyone has possibility to suffer from many forms of cancer. Undoubtedly, everyone has cancer cells in their body, but if they have a good immunity these cancer  cells will do no harm at all. An effective massage is the best way to maintenance immunity inside human body. I witnessed that my massage always benefits cancer sufferers. But it is really hard to make everyone realizing the truth. It is like a mission impossible to make them adopting massage treatment seriously to solve their health  problems. According to my experiences, it is very hard to change people's mindset, even for the thing which very crucial for their lives. They know that my massage treatment at least makes them feeling much better, but it is very difficult to convince them to adopt it seriously, and instead they adopt too much something which has been rooted in their mind for so long, although they actually know this thing proven failed to help many people who suffered the same condition before. Changing people's mindset is really difficult. In reality, most people still live in stupidity just because they close their mind for the truth.

I have an experience handling a patient with both lymphoma and HIV/AIDS at the same time. I can share it completely if you are seriously interested to know about how amazing massage impact to human body. This patient wanted to get my massage treatment regularly just because I gave it free. In reality, I got many experiences just because I don't mind giving free massage treatment, especially for the poor. I found every experience justifying my mindset about massage, and furthermore it makes me confident to handle patients with any conditions. It is all making me mature. I mindfully know my limits. I can easily decide which patient is possible to be handled or not, because I don't want to gamble with people's lives. I don't want to do my job just for a reason to get money, it is a crime against humanity. 

Above all, you need to know that I live in Indonesia, where people still consider that doing massage is just a marginal and unrespectable profession, so they still think that people of this profession don't deserve for a proper fee. Even fee of USD 15/hour is too expensive for most of them, no matter if they actually own assets of millions of USD in value. They don't mind spending fantastic amounts of money for other efforts, even going to overseas if needed, but not for massage. It is very irritating for me, really. But I believe, stupid people eventually punished by their stupidity, regardless they admit it or not. They are just too stupid in respecting their own lives. 

I just want to say, especially to those skeptics out there, you don't need to believe my method of therapy. Just give me a chance to treat you, and if you feel much better, you are really a big stupid if you don't seriously adopt my treatment. When you feel much better, actually your body says it is the thing it really needs. You don't need to hear your experts anymore, just hear what your body says because your body never lies. Your body actually possesses amazing ability to solve many health problems inside it. I can say that human body is a big, complex, and yet amazing biochemical factory. It just needs something which really can speed up recovery process inside it, and effective massage has been proven never fails.

  To see videos of my real experiences, please click here

All videos are real my experiences. I do not need to make by design video just to show you my skills.




Even  Anderson Silva did his basic instinct within this terrible situation: human touch. I know that I can do nothing for his broken tibia and fibula at this first step. But after the doctors done with their job, I know how to speed up the recovery process. 

How come you ignore the benefits of massage for your life?


It is not a rivalry between the older and the younger  

No doubt that Roger Federer was born to be a tennis legend. Nobody has the same talent, and he is the real genius in tennis. Rafael Nadal was born to be a legend athlete who has an amazing eager to push himself to get much stronger day by day. Even if Nadal didn't decide to become a professional tennis player, he still would has been becoming a fantastic professional player of any sports. Not many athletes in this world have the same eager, neither does Roger! If you are a real tennis maniac, you obviously can see that Roger actually has enough weapons to beat Nadal. But record tells something so different! 

I can analyze this phenomenon. Roger mindfully knows that nobody matches his talent in tennis, and he is blessed with amazing intelligentsia (genius is a big correct statement), and nobody can deny it! Roger even in reality doesn't need to push himself so hard to hit his level, and his body tells it so clear. But when Roger has to take on Nadal, it is so different. Not to underestimate, Nadal is less-talented in tennis if compared to Roger. But Nadal has a lion in his heart, and he is the real die-hard warrior who always pushes himself to get  much stronger day by day. Roger has to face a really big wall inside Nadal. As Roger drops his stamina, he loses his accuracy and focus, and furthermore he loses his confident. The genius inside him is useless when he drops. It is true that Nadal's style of play is really annoying and torturing for all players, including Roger. But you can see if Nadal is not on his top level, even an infamous player can defeat him. The more Roger's defeats, the bigger a mental block built in his mind. It is a real big trauma in his mind, especially for a real genius who feels that he has everything to beat his all opponents. It is really frustrating! Definitely Nadal has a nervous if he has to take on a quality player as Roger, but at least he doesn't have a mental block.

So, what special?  It is just an easy matter. This mental block really disturbs Roger's sleep. I can imagine, the nights before his match with Nadal are the nightmares. Roger may say that everything is okay and nothing really troubles him. But from the matches, you can see that Nadal was battling a tired big warrior.  It must be caused by Roger's bad sleep, for both quality and duration.  Did you know that many people in this world still ignore the benefits of a good sleep for their health condition, physically and mentally? Did you know that a good sleep is very crucial for human being to store energy? Practicing hard for weeks is useless if just at the night before the match he gets a bad sleep, regardless he admits it or not. Did you know that a good sleep, for both quality and duration, is an irreplaceable crucial thing for stamina recovery? And you cannot buy a good sleep at a big hypermarket anywhere in this world. Once again, it is not a rivalry between the older and the younger, not at all. 

So, what is the real solution for Roger? Indeed, Roger doesn't need a high-priced coach, because he is the real genius in tennis. He just needs someone who can make him getting a good sleep every night. I know that I can't delete his mental block, but I can make him sleeping really well every night, whatever resides in his mind. It is just enough to make a new and different Roger on court, instead of a tired, less-confident, and frustrated genius. Roger just needs to practice as hard as he wants, and getting a really good sleep every night. I do believe, if Roger is on his top condition and exploring all his potentials, nobody can defeat him. Nobody can deny that nobody in this world matches his talent and amazing intelligentsia, and these two things will make differences in every match. His talent is just a gift, just like Maradona and Pele in football, or Isaac Newton in physics. And we cannot interfere this thing.

Many experts in this world have many methods and advices in solving sleep disturbance problems, including insomnia, but in reality sometimes proven not effective. You need to know that I have never been failed in handling insomnia, even for those suffering years of insomnia I can guarantee that they can get a quality sleep after receiving the first treatment.

Walcott was ruled out for the rest of the season after suffering a ruptured cruciate knee ligament but Wenger has accepted that bringing in a suitable replacement could prove difficult

After searching what really happened to Walcott's left knee, I can tell the truth that I can make him fully recover in just one month without a risk of failure. I know that many people out there  are so skeptic with my statement. But you need to know that I have some experiences handling an such injury, and proven never failed. I understand why you are so skeptic. It  may be because you just don't realize how amazing massage impact to your body, and perhaps you have been experiencing bad treatments from many massage therapists all over the world. Yes, I definitely know that so many massage therapists in this world actually have bad quality and in reality they just can deliver relaxing massage with so-so quality. 

It just indicates that England doesn't have  a really good massage therapist who is confident enough to handle this kind of injury. In reality, it is a common condition all over the world.



Effective massage will help you dropping body weight and making toned body effectively

You need to know that dropping body weight is not as easy as you think. In reality many people get frustrated to find their hard efforts proven failed to achieve their target. 

Hard exercises fail to reduce body weight because  trapped-fat, I named it so,  is really difficult to be burnt. Instead, you just burn energy in blood derived from food and drink you consume every day, which in turn just making you so tired and feel torturing hunger. 

I don't want to make you pessimist. Just try to be realistic by watching carefully women's international tennis tournaments. Many professional tennis players don't have perfect body, caused by excessive trapped-fat at belly, upper arms, waist, ass, thighs, shoulders, face area, etc. Did you think they don't practice hard? Definitely, as professional they have to practice very very hard, on court and in gym, and even at swimming pool, more than 5 hours a day for many years.

But don't worry! I have a real effective solution for you: effective massage. I always emphasis on effective massage because in reality many massage therapists in this world don't know how to make an effective massage. To understand this concept I just want to explain it with just a simple way. Now imagine that you are so tired. If you feel so tired it means you are in lack of energy. Then, take an effective massage for 1 hour or 2. You will be fresh and fit again soon. If you feel fresh and fit it means you are in adequate of energy. So, what making you fresh and fit in just a short time? Yes, effective massage will force your body to release potential energy from many sources, including trapped-fat. Effective massage will make trapped-fat structure softened, and then making it much easier to be burnt.

If you take my massage treatment for body slimming program, you don't need to torture yourself by undergoing torturing hunger. Eat as much as you need, but you need to make exercises as hard as you can, because to burn trapped-fat with significant speed you still need to do hard physical activities. You will gain high quality sleep, so you will be fit and fresh all day, and then automatically reducing your meals consumption. You will be amazed that you can easily increasing your duration and quality of exercises day by day without torturing tiredness, and automatically you can burn your trapped-fat with amazing speed. You can choose which part of your body to be reshaped because effective massage is really effective to change trapped-fat structure inside it to be softened and ready to be burnt.

Don't worry about the threat of heart attack or stroke during the program. I dare to challenge all experts all over the world to prove that effective massage benefits cardiovascular organs. Just take a moment to remember your beloved ones who are suffering from cardiovascular problems. I dare to bet you that they didn't regularly take an effective massage before. Once again, I always emphasis on effective massage, because many massage therapists in reality don't know how to make an effective massage. 

Many  professional sportsmen/women are suffering from cardiovascular problems, even many cases were so fatal, just because they ignore the benefits of effective massage during their professional careers. Did you know that effective massage is irreplaceable crucial thing to benefit human body?




I have never handled a patient with Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. But it is a big impossible if you hope to avoid it someday if you cannot overcome high blood pressure, recurrent headache,  migraine,  vertigo,  insomnia, and many other health problems related to brain's health. You need to know that I can effectively overcome such health problems, with effective massage for sure.